Washer / Dryer Repair

Washing machines and dryers are two of the most used appliances in our home. We often use them every day to ensure our clothes are clean and dry, all before the day is over.

Because we use them daily, these appliances, specifically the washing machines, can often fault and require repairs. But before you grab the screwdriver and try DIY repairs, we have to recommend against it. These appliances are connected to both electronics and water, which do not mix together and pose a significant danger if tinkered with.

Because of this risk, it’s actually better to hire a professional repair service, like Kyle’s Appliance Repair. Our engineers are trained and certified to handle repairs on all major brands and models of dryers or washing machines.

Avoid risking your safety and warranty by hiring a professional repair service that guarantees your satisfaction, every time.

Why do they break down?

When your home appliances break down, the reasons that this can happen can be hard to distinguish. The same applies to washing machines and dryers. If your appliance shows signs of a fault, don’t wait around for it to worsen, call Kyle’s Appliance Repair today.

Instead of risking damage, your safety and the chance at voiding your warranty. A cost-effective repair service can negate all of these risks and provide the best repairs around town. Hassle and stress-free.

The common issues and troubleshooting them

Loud noise from washer/dryer

Both appliances make some amount of noise. But you’ll know quickly if an issue arises, sounds like clanging, crashing and knocking often indicate large internal issues with your appliances. In order to stop any further damage caused, a professional repair service is your best bet.

Washing machine leaking

No one wants a leaking appliance, it causes damage to not only other appliances but your home’s walls, floors, and furniture. If you begin to notice a small leak, it’s important to get a professional inspection as quickly as possible. Often the cause of this issue is the water hose being damaged or blocked.

The appliance won’t turn on

If your appliance won’t turn on, check the fuse in your plug, your house’s breaker (to ensure it hasn’t tripped) and that there is enough power to run the appliance going through the outlet. If you’ve already done these, call us asap.

My dryer isn’t heating up

If a dryer isn’t pushing out heat, it won’t leave your clothes dry at the end of a cycle. The first thing to check in this instance is the filter. It’s often the case that lint builds up and blocks the filter, this can be cleared with a vacuum.

Should I consider a replacement?

Washing machines can last up to 13 years, with dryers lasting around 11 years on average.

If you don’t care and maintain your appliance regularly, the average lifespan means nothing. Kyle’s Appliance Repair is your trusted choice for appliance maintenance and repairs, regardless of the brand or model of your washing machine or dryer. Our engineers are trained and certified, call us today to get in touch.