Refrigerator Repair

Your fridge is one of the most important appliances in your household. It ensures food lasts a long time and they remain frozen or cooled. Because it’s working hard for all hours of the day, a fridge can be prone to faults and breakdowns. When this does happen, it can be frustrating and all of the food stored is at risk fo going bad if not tended to immediately.

Most of the time we recommend against any kind of DIY repairs on your fridge, however, there are a few things you can troubleshoot easily with DIY. All you need is a screwdriver or drill, and the parts can be sourced with relative ease.

By doing DIY repair on your fridge, it saves you time and money that you could otherwise be spent hiring a repair professional. The simple DIY repairs we’re talking about are checking power, controls and the coils on the fridge, ensuring everything is sealed etc.

We recommend that the condenser coils are cleaned at least once every year.

12 Common Refrigerator Issues for Repair

  1. Noisy

Although fridges are noisy as standard, if they begin to become louder, parts may require repair and replacement. Around 29% of all customers reported noisy fridges.

  1. Fails to Start

If your fridge doesn’t start, check the control board, temperature control, and relay capacitor. 18% of people reported this issue.

  1. Leaking

No one likes leaks if the appliance leaks it can be an issue with gaskets or the inlet valves. At times it can also be the ice maker causing excess melted ice to flow free. 25% of people reported this.

  1. Ice Maker Not Making Ice

If your fridge’s ice maker isn’t making ice ensure the filter, inlet valves and filter aren’t damaged or blocked. Only 6% of people report this.

  1. Refrigerator is Too Warm

If your fridge isn’t cooling, your food is going to spoil. Check your air damper, diffuser or baffle and replace it as necessary. 6% of people report this.

  1. No Water Dispensing

If your fridge’s built-in water dispenser won’t release water, it could be the inlet valve or water actuator with a fault. 3% of clients reported this.

  1. The freezer is too warm, and so is the fridge

Having control over the temperature in your fridge is vital. If it’s too warm, ensure the evaporator fan, temperature control and sensors aren’t faulty.

  1. Faulty Lighting

Replace your bulb and check the socket to ensure there are no faults. If the bulb seems dim, it needs repairs. Only 1% of people reported this.

  1. Fridge Runs for Long

If your fridge runs for a long time, it could be the heater or timer for defrosting. 1% of people report this.

  1. Sweating Door

If you notice the door is sweating, it could be that the gasket seal is broken. A new assembly may be required. 1% of people report this.

  1. The fridge is Too Cold

If your fridge is too cold, it could be the air inlet damper. Ensure the temperature sensor and the control board don’t have issues. Only 1% of people report this.

  1. Freezer is Too Cold

If the freezer is too cold, it could be the thermistor or sensor for temperature. It could also, as above, be the air inlet damper.

If you haven’t been able to repair the fault with your fridge via DIY, Kyle’s Appliance Repair is here. Our services are offered across Kuna, ID and the surrounding area. We have the manpower, knowledge, and skills to get your appliance running as good as new, in no time at all.