Oven Repair

We use our ovens every single day, whether that be to prepare dinners, bake cakes or other activities that require using an oven. These appliances require more care than any other.

But even with regular maintenance and care, an oven can break down and malfunction. When this does happen, it can cause a lot of frustration. To avoid this, take advantage of a professional appliance repair company like Kyle’s Appliance Repair of Kuna, ID.

Their team of professional engineers is able to provide the very best appliance repair service without the hassle that comes with sourcing parts in a crude attempt to make DIY repairs. Our staff members are trained and certified to deal with ovens, cooktops and ranges of all brands and models.

Signs You Need Professional Oven Repair

There’s a lot of things that could fault with your oven or stove. Below are a few common signs we see every day that means you should call in a professional expert:

Incorrect temperature

When you set the temperature of your oven, it should always reach the temperature that you have set. If your internal temperature is higher than it should be, then the controls should be calibrated again, you can find the instructions on how to do this within your owners manual. If not, call us.

The appliance won’t turn on

If your appliance won’t turn on, you’ll need to do the basic checks of making sure the plug’s fuse hasn’t blown, the house’s breaker hasn’t tripped and that the outlet provides enough power to run the appliance. If it’s not any of these it could be the controls, internal wiring, bake or broil elements or more…

For this kind of issue, we recommend against any kind of DIY appliance repairs unless you are a trained professional.

The oven light isn’t working

If you’ve already replaced the bulb, then you’ve already passed the first check. If replacing the bulb doesn’t fix it, the issue could be with the light switch, controls, or internal wiring. Our team can fix this.

The appliance door doesn’t work

If the door won’t open or close properly, chances are there’s an issue with the hinge. This usually involves the disassembly of the door and removing one of the side panels. Qualified professionals are best for this.

The oven doesn’t self-clean

If your self-cleaning function is not working, it could be down to the door switch being faulty. Without your door switch working, the door won’t lock and the cleaning cycle won’t begin. This can also be the thermal fuse, wiring, thermostat or oven control boards. Call our professionals for assistance.


Rusting is bad news for any appliance, usually caused by moisture during cooking. Often the only fix for this would be a new oven altogether.

Our team can help source and replace this too.

If you see any of the issues we’ve highlighted above that are stopping your oven from working well, give us a call ASAP.

Why Choose Kyle’s Appliance Repair of Kuna?

When working with Kyle’s Appliance Repair you’ll enjoy a few great things…

These include a satisfaction guarantee for every one of our customers, flat rate quotes with no hidden charges, fast and long-lasting repairs, certified engineers with insurance and low rates.

Pick up your phone and give us a call today!