Ice Maker Repair

If you begin to notice that your ice maker is having issues, give Kyle’s Appliance Repair a call today if you’re from in or around Kuna, ID.

The team at Kyle’s Appliance Repair are trained and certified to carry out maintenance and repair at budget-friendly rates quickly and painlessly. We are able to service ice maker models from portable ice makers, stand-alone ice makers, modular ice makers, and built-in ice makers.

Common Ice Maker Issues We Can Repair

If your ice maker begins to experience issues, give a professional appliance repair a call as soon as possible.

High freezer temperature

If your freezer is anywhere above ten degrees Fahrenheit, it most likely will not make any ice. You can test the internal temperature with a thermometer with ease. If it’s above 0, attempt lowering the temperature.

Leave the appliance for a few hours and then test again. If it’s still not working, call us today.

No ice in the ice maker tray

Generally, if there’s no ice in the tray of your ice maker, there will be no water getting through the inlet valve, which could possibly be defective. If it’s not the valve, the pressure of the water could below.

If there’s a fault with the valve, it is most likely going to be the build-up of minerals which blocks the valve. It can also possibly be down to an electronic fault. Give us a call, we can fix it.

Ice machine doesn’t eject ice

If your ice maker is making enough ice but won’t release it, it can be frustrating. Often this is down to the entire assembly of the ice maker that needs repairs.

Individual components of the ice makers are tough to source and often are not separately sold. Most brands of ice makers are similar, meaning that most assemblies can be interchanged regardless of brand or model.

The ice maker is leaking

No one likes a leaking appliance, especially not if you are the homeowner. This specific fault can cause damage to walls, floors, and other appliances. But before calling a professional repair service, make sure your appliance is level on the ground and that the water line is not damaged.

Generally, ice makers will have a fill cup underneath that should be aligned with a water funnel, ensure that these two parts are aligned correctly. If all of this looks in working order, give us a call today, book your appliance and get it fixed.

Call Kyle’s Appliance Repair of Kuna, ID

For the best appliance repair in Kuna which is fast, long-lasting and budget-friendly, contact Kyle’s Appliance Repair today. We are here to ensure that your repair request is seen to, hassle-free and quickly. We are proudly able to provide a service to all major brands and models of the ice maker.

We ensure that our team is available whenever you need them, to make sure that your appliance can be repaired before the sun goes down. Instead of buying ice in a bag, get your appliance working as good as new today.